Music Projects


Before We Depart

I got chatting to  an old buddy that I cut a couple of albums with and toured with back […]


Down To The River

Down To The River is a Multi Media adaptation of the epic Tom Kelly poem “GEORDIE” which was […]



A Musical: Book and Lyrics: Tom Kelly, Music: Steve Thompson JOBLING is based on events surrounding the gibbeting […]



Click “play” to see all pieces play in order. Click on “playlist” for info and to watch pieces […]


Dam Head Rangers

This project began life as a musical. We’re now developing the story to become a Monkees/Beatlesque/Mash TV series. We’re […]


Steel Town

September 12th 1980 – The British Steel Corporation closed down Consett’s iron and steel works thus ending a […]


Urban Grit

This is probably the first Kelly/Thompson and is largely experimental. Some of the material found it’s way into […]


Sleepless Nights

Caffrey, Morrison & Thompson I put a whole bunch of tracks recorded in the nineties through  Digital […]

stc 2

Girl in the Lane

Just released the second track from my Places in Time album. With concept in 2007, first track in […]

stc 2

Abandoned Places

One day I’ll finish my “Places in Time” project. Meanwhile I just found an older recording inspired by […]


WMDJ Voices

Some 8 years after the last time I amalgamated my music with Tom Kelly’s poetry I’m working on […]