Abandoned Places

One day I’ll finish my “Places in Time” project. Meanwhile I just found an older recording inspired by Henk van Rensbergen’s “Abandoned Places” Website. Henke kindly allowed me to use some of his evocative images to accompany my music for an exhibition in 2002.

The Still Man

It’s been a while but I’m trying to pick up my various experimental music projects and develop them further. About a year ago I started to produce a piece in Prato, Italy. I decided to call it “The Still Man”. It’s taken me until now to dust it off and upload it. It still needs to go through many iterations. You’ll hear a fountain in the square, a busy café and the Prato Cathedral bell.

<a href="http://stmedia.bandcamp.com/track/the-still-man">The Still Man by ST Media</a>

I Searched (And Never Found)

Just finished the first track on my “Places in Time” album (below)

<a href="http://stmedia.bandcamp.com/track/i-searched-and-never-found">I Searched (And Never Found) by ST Media</a>

More about the Places In Time project HERE

It would be in the early 90’s Molly and me found ourselves in Derbyshire visiting Matlock Bath (Little Switzerland) and one day we set out to find Crich Tramway Museum. In those days I was not a driver so we got off the train at Whatstandwell and trekked for what seemed like hours. It was a beautiful day and at one point we had climbed so hight that as I looked down at the valley to the railway snaking through the rolling countryside, I felt that I was on the top of the world. Even the air seemed thinner.  For me this track evokes that feeling. Hope you like it. The (And Never Found) added to the title is artistic license. We did indeed find the museum but it took some doing. Mark my words, Peak District travel leaflets are prone to exaggeration. Remarkably I found a guys blog HERE – his pictures tell the same story as my music.

Places, first notes finally laid down after 2 years

Two years ago I contemplated a music project idea in a restaurant in
Tuscany http://stmedia.org/places-in-time/

I’ve thought of it many times since but have still to lay down the
first track. At the weekend I finally began. I awoke in the
Blackenrigg Hotel to one of my favourite views overlooking Ullswater
in the English Lakes. On listening back once home again I must say the
slow evolving chords do indeed evoke that scene. Lots more needed
before there is a full music collection. I hope the sound of the Duomo
bells tolling in Prato is still in my iPaq.

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Well, the 08 08 08 road trip is over. I enjoyed it immensely. There were many other places I could have gone and many more stories I could have told. I think I’ve learned something for future picture story road trips.

Additional info (its like a travelogue innit?)

Bamburgh Castle (nice video here)

Bamburgh Archeology http://www.youtube.com/user/bamburghmedia

I was also looking for info on a famous movie made there which I couldn’t quite remember. I find that there’s been more than one The list includes Disney’s A Knight in Camelot, El Cid, Ivanhoe, Macbeth, Mary Queen of Scots and Becket.

Angel Of The North