Lecture In Finland

I’m off to Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki in a couple of weeks and they’ve asked […]


How I Gave Venom The Devil

This article is taken from a story I wrote ages ago called “Remembering the Eighties”. The 80’s story […]


The Do Button

The “Do Button” from IFTTT looks like having amazing possibilities


Lonely At The Top

   I wrote Lonely at The Top for the Tygers of Pan Tang for their 3rd album “The […]


Another Test

Sorry to bother you with tests but it seems my WordPress postings do get triggered to Google + […]


An Elegant Solution

I’ve been developing some new digital workshops lately My process work is all in Dropbox but I […]

Social Injustices

I shared a letter on Zero Hours contracts a few days ago on Facebook thinking my little circle […]