SONG STORY: Merry Christmas

SUNDAY SONG STORY: This weeks story has a festive theme so I thought I’d bring it forward a day. Back in the 90’s I was producing demo recordings for other songwriters. They would send me their rough efforts and I’d record a polished product with which they could seek fame and fortune. I had a stable of singers on tap to sing these songs including Phil CaffreyDave BlackTanya RowlandsMark ‘Busk’ Conlin, Liz Wilson & the infamous Mick Whitaker who features in this story. This group of singers was known as the ST Stable of Singers, the studio was ST Studios, the writers were ST Writers and we had a regular newsletter for this merry band of souls which was edited and produced by one of the writers. Given all this. it seemed only right that we should distribute a special Christmas recording to all these folks and it is the 1998 ST Christmas special that is featured below. That day Mick Whitaker was in the studio. As Mick didn’t drive I used to take him home at the end of sessions but our journey was always impeded by the fact there was a pub (The Coach Inn) in the way between my studio and his home. I’m explaining this to give some context to the track you will hear. It is indeed a live recording I just ran some inane loop and then went into the vocal booth with Mick for some impromptu (well hastily prepared) festive singing. Enjoy!


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