SONG STORY: Laugh At It All

SUNDAY SONG STORY: I’ve let this slide a bit but here’s a new story. Way back I did a demo session at Guardian Studios in Pity Me. I never went back but this was largely because I did not drive back then and it was a good ways out for me. Anyway, little was I to know that in terms of ratio of recorded outcomes to demos made it probably is the most successful demo session I have done. All four tracks were sung by Dave Black and one of them “Please Don’t Sympathise” was recorded by Sheena Easton with Chris Neil Producing. Celine Dion cut the same song and although Chris Neil did eventually end up producing Celine I don’t think he did that one although it may have gotten him the gig! Chris produced a number of my songs around this time including the big hit Hurry Home. He must have thought, hang on I’m having a piece of this so he recorded one of the songs from the Guardian session himself. The track you’ll hear is “Laugh At It All” sung first by Dave and then we hear Chris’s version. This recording sank without a trace but I hope you’ll enjoy it now.

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