Adventure in Pictures

Adventure in Pictures

with credit to Uri Hurvitz for inspiration.

Episode 1 chapter 1

I’ve driven over this bridge many times and wondered what lies beneath. It’s long and high and I feel sure I’ve glimpsed a river on occasions.

Today I stopped to investigate and took a slight risk with the law.

I scrambled down the embankment to try to get a better look at the valley below.

All I can see is a “concrete river”. I have to be elsewhere and it is a long descent (not to mention ascent) so I’ll have to leave further explorations for another day

A Place in Time

I have had this story of despair and hope in my mind for a few weeks now and
this seems like a good place to tell it.

To tell the story I must first show you two photographs.Picture number one is
the view from a hotel room, looking down to the platform on Leicester railway

Picture number two is the view from that same platform looking up to the hotel room from which picture one is taken.

I was in Leicester this week and I looked down from that hotel room to the view of the railway platform. I was reminded of some 15 years earlier when I regularly stood on that platform each Friday. I was working in Leicester, running a publishing company and commuting back home to the North of England each Friday to return again each Monday. I was very unhappy at the time and had all kinds of problems including mental and financial, and even though I was heading home as I stood on a platform, I knew that all too soon, I would be coming back as soon as the weekend was over.

I recalled all those feelings as I looked down from a hotel room, but in this instance I was looking forward with pleasant anticipation to my time in Leicester. Many of the things that troubled me back then were behind me now. I wished that the current 55-year-old me could somehow send a telepathic message down to the 40-year-old me, so unhappy on that platform.

If 40 year old me could have looked up to the, as yet un-built hotel room and sensed presence of the 55-year-old me looking down he would have heard/sensed me say “don’t worry Steve it’s okay, everything is going to be all right”

See yonder ladder up tree. Branch is mostly sawn through. Rope is tied to branch and slung over pegoda.

Noose in end of rope lynch mob style. Stevie the lumberjack climbs into noose and applies his not inconsiderable weight.

Sounds of creaking branch. Branch breaks and sails though the air towards the overweight chap swinging on the other end of the rope. Oh shiiiiit !!!!

Survived with just inches to spare.