Hollow Victory with ST Vocals

I said I wouldn’t do this but what the hell. This is me singing the completed song Hollow Victory

The orchestra at the front will not necessarily stay but so long as we’re in a what the hell mood …….

This really needs a session singer. I’m not able to put it across as I completely hear it and as I had to drop the key I’ve lost the crunch guitars as in this version.

Lyrics to this song are here

The Story So Far

Well, Aksana has joined a Monastery in Russia. That’s the closest translation Graeme could put on it. Where does that leave the project – who knows? This girl lives the life of a Hollywood tragedy as has been commented on before. Apparently she’s trying to find herself. Let’s hope she does as I aint going there to find her myself and I’m not recording her vocals in a monastery!

Note to myself

songs in this project
Hollow Victory Recording partially laid – needs vocal
What If Rough Demo – needs work on lyrics
Don’t Look Down song complete – needs vocal – upgrade demo
Life As We Know It germ of an idea – work on it
I Will Go Back work on recording and programming
Sleepin Train To Paris song complete – recording started
Lovin Arms song complete – start new recording
Marching Work on lyrics and arrangement
Hollow Victory complete


How long does it take to back up a load of data, format a hard drive and re-install windows? As long as it takes to lay this track on another computer:- –MARCHING Bored with the maintenance process I started noodling on an acoustic guitar and then this sort of happened. Yes, there are lyrics and a top line more of which later. Hey! at least it’s not called XP or Bill Gates or something.