The Octorama is a concept designed by Steve Thompson  It is a large immersive Digital Arts installation  featuring 8 projectors and screens and eight sound sources.

The presentation is not documentary in style and although the sounds from the speakers and the images on the screens are conceptually linked they do not run in sync but happenstance does occasionally make this appear to be the case. Since the first run in 2002 at the Redcar and Cleveland City Learning Centre it has been seen quite a number of times and in many guises including an open air exhibition in a marquee! The Original Octorama used 8 VHS players pushing out the eight projections and sounds but this soon moved to DVD players and eventually the sounds came via a computer driving an 8 output audio interface. Using Propellerheads Reason (although other software would work) music, percussion, sounds and voices are made to dance around the eight points of the compass.

The Octorama is now  portable so it can tour. Watch out for it at a venue near you. The following video describes the Octorama, how we built an exhibition in Loftus Town Hall and concludes with some youngsters talking about an earlier Octorama project at their school and the effect it had on them.