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I recently presented the Drama in The Dale project to Tampere City Museums in Finland. It was very well received. Tomasz Czepaitis from the Republic of Uzhupis asked for a presentation he could make in Kiev. I turned the presentation into a movie he could show. As Tomasz made his way from Lithuania to Kiev he was turned back at the Belorussian border – he says for “Loving the Bonny Moorhen too much”. Anyway the film never got shown – at least not in Kiev. Here it is for you to watch. It is not the full story of Drama in the Dale, only part of it and it is only one mans perspective of the story but I hope you enjoy it.

National Recognition !

6 photos from our recent Drama in the Dale “Bonny Moorhen” project have been shortlisted for a national photographic competition which is being run as part of Adult Learners Week.  They will be displayed along with other shortlisted photos from all over the country at a gallery in Leicester and we have been invited to send representatives from the project along to a formal reception where 3 winning photographs will be announced!

The selected photos are below:




Bonny Moorhen in Tampere

Put this slideshow together for my talk  on Monday to Tampere City Museums. Hopefully it gives an impression of the show. I will tell the story from the beginning  (1818 and 2012)

Then I’ll conclude with this to show how well the performance was received.  Apologies to Patrick: as the lights go down all our faces are obscured, as our arms go up his face is still obscured by a billowing Judges sleeve.

Pictures from the Shows

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Well, it’s all over (or is it?) after 3 sell out shows in Unthank Theatre which were a culmination of 6 months hard work by a very dedicated and talented team. It is by no means over. Who knows what may come next. Some of us are still writing reports, making presentations and generally tidying up all the loose ends. Here for you to enjoy are 93 pictures from the shows taken by our official show photographer Jamie Sproates.

Click here to see all the images in this gallery

Backstage and Behind The Scenes

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These pictures, 34 in total are from our official event photographer Jamie Sproates.
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Not Guilty

Further to this post:

The assembled members in Teesside courtroom. Wolsingham students serving as a Jury found Jim Craggs not guilty on the basis of there being no evidence.

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The completed theatre

All Rise

Terrific day in the Courtroom at Teesside University today. We shot the courtroom scene with students of Wolsingham school in attendance and thanks to Senior  Lecturer in Law, Angela King, we learned that Billy Bell and co would be dealt with differently in the present day. We envisage a time warp travel scenario from our 1818 re-enactment to find the Judge, the Lawyer and Keeper Beadle in a very modern courtroom indeed. Rob was in his element and managed a 4 camera shoot thanks to the courtrooms 3 cameras. There’s more to come from this but for now here are three pics from the day.

The Mine Animation for Projection

The Mine from Jack Drum on Vimeo.

Created by one of our learners and volunteers Keith Jackson with just a little bit of support from Gareth Hudson !!

Scene Six Pg. 13
Small mine exterior – moving water wheel

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