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Bonny MoorhenPaddy BurthonThe pub in which the Battle of Stanhope took place in 1818
Unthank TheatreJulie Ward
St Thomas's Church HallPaddy Burton
Killhope Lead MineKeith JacksonYYwill complete the rest of the info on Saturday
Wearhead SchoolLiz Gill<a href="">Click To Visit</a>A very fine school - the best in Weardale with amazing teachers and pupils
Frosterley SchoolDONE!
Witton le Wear SchoolDONE!needs to be finished
Stanhope BarringtonDONE!
Wolsingham PrimaryDONE!website to be added
St John's Chapel PrimaryDONE!
Westgate Hunting LodgeAdam Heslington
Wolsingham CompJonathon Julie Adam
St. John's ChapelPaddy BurtonHome of Chas. & Anth. Siddle
Stanhope Silver BandLiz GillLiz Gill, Les Mitchell and Steve Robson all played in the band
Old Stanhope LibraryAdam Heslington
Nenthead MineBen Jackson
Durham CastleLiz GillGarrison of Bishop's soldiers
Bishop Auckland CastleHelen MillsHome of Bishop Shute Barrington
FrosterleyAdam Heslington
The Grey BullAlan AndersonYLes Mitchell, landlord and band member
Jack Drum ArtsJulie Ward
Durham CathedralKeith JacksonyesyesInformation about shute barrington
Frosterley Station HouseAdam Heslington<a href="">Click to Visit</a>
NentheadBen Jackson
Old Stanhope ParkAdam Heslington
Hill End Adam Heslington
BurnhopeLiz Gill
Weardale Area Action PartnershipAdam Heslington
RookhopeBen & Paddy
Durham CityBen Jackson
WestgateBen Jackson
Daddry Shield unnassigned
Langdon BeckAlan Anderson<a href="">Click to Visit</a>YYTeesdale to Weardale crossing the moors, possible route taken by the bailiffs to arrest Charlie and Anthony Siddle
IreshopeburnHelen Mills
St. John's ChapelAlan AndersonYYSite of the Spotted Pig public house
Pinder Lane BridgePaddy Burton
NewhousePaddy BurtonWB Lead agent's house
Slitt WoodAlan AndersonYYExample of old lead mining workings

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